Monks on Fire and Modality Live

It’s been a little bit since the last post to HouseofWatts, but not due to any lack of audio creation going on. The last post touted the merits of local dramatic audio sculptors Monks on Fire, now officially announced as the winners of KBandGA season two! (KBandGA is a competition-style radio program featuring local bands put on by her eminence of college radio, UM’s KBGA.)

House of Watts did the recordings for the competition and will provide the grand prize to M.O.F., a 4 song demo recorded proper-like in the studio! The folks from M.O.F. have already informed us of plans to release the songs on a 7” (their second), so be on the lookout for that in the coming months. We invited these bad ass dudes to play with us at the Top Hat last night…and wow.  You can check out the Modality recordings just above. Monks on Fire will likely post theirs on Soundcloud before long. Live mix by Louie at the Top Hat. Thank you sir.


MOFO Monks on Fire

Monks on Fire are radical. Their set at the Modality VFW residency show back in April was amazing! The combination of frantic drumming (Dylan Foley), rock-solid bass attack (the estimable KBGA jazz stalwart Ross Peterson), shredding guitar (Michael Richter) and the making-it-rain keyboarding (of Mr. Ed Wrzesien) make this group one of the most dynamic and engaging acts to play Missoula right now. Go see them. Listen for them during the KBandGA broadcast coming up in July, and download their entire VFW performance right here, right now:

Monks on Fire Live at the VFW

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