Ben Weiss 

A mid-level bureaucrat, humbly helping improve biking and walking in his community, Ben is our most knowledgeable musical aesthete, social media manager, assistant recording engineer, and producer at House of Watts. He is a former general manager of KBGA College Radio at the University of Montana where he logged more than 700 hours on air with his jazz and experimental program The Outside Edge. Ben is mighty nimble for a big dude when co-facilitating mobile recording projects with Clark.




Clark Grant

Also a former General Manager of KBGA, Clark is a self-described bumpkin who starts grinnin’ as soon as the guitars and microphones get brought out. He is the lead engineer and co-producer for House of Watts and is our guy on the move with his dual-suitcase mobile recording studio option. Clark continues to produce a boatload of radio programs and has over 600 hours on air doing music and news shows.



Jay Bruns

Often described as a generous facilitator of ideas in our community, Jay is also connected to KBGA, having spent over 300 hours himself on air with DJ No Jay’s House of Watts.  He also works at the University of Montana as the IT Manager for the Division of Biological Sciences. Jay does it all; repairing databases for gene sequencing computers by day, educating Clark and Ben about preamps, keyboards and drum machines by night. He is the visual artist for House of Watts and manages our equipment rental, DJ booking and on-site projection.



Contact Us:


House of Watts
91 Campus Drive
Suite 2217
Missoula, MT 59801

Jay – 406-531-3026
Ben – 406-531-3889

Kwik Facts

-House of Watts began in 2009.
-House of Watts is at its best when Curtys is around.
-Again, Jay has an ongoing archive of artwork: thisisnojay.tumblr.com

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