Certain Molecules – Live at the VFW

Downspout…if only you could hear the soothing dulcitones of Larry Hirshberg’s voice late at night on KBGA say that word. Then you would immediately know what a cool dude he is, both on and off-mic. Larry has been a regular both on KBGA and in the Missoula music scene for some years now. He used to play bass with Tom Catmull and I’ve seen him a half a dozen times out and about doing his singer-songwriter thing. He’s a great player, singer and listener. We even asked him to play bass on the newest Modality record.

Download Certain Molecules Live at the VFW

That’s why we were proud to have him on the third night of the Modality VFW Residency series with his bandmate Brandon Zimmer, who together comprise Certain Molecules. Check out their VFW recording and go to their bandcamp page



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