Borderlands of Particle City

Borderlands meets Particle City, Modality. Using granular synthesis, Bruns manipulates some traxxx from Modality’s latest album.

Un Autre Cassette!

Modality’s April Rezidency at VFW Post 209 has now been released on cassette. Unleashed at the Maria Minerva show on the 25th of September (Ms. Minerva was unable to make it due to illness), this double tape series is up on bandcamp in its entirety (in case you didn’t get one of the dozen made).

Check ’em. Download ’em. Put dem shits on yo MP3 playa.

Also, don’t forget the vinyl release party on October 19th, the first foray into vinyl for both Modality and House of Watts!

Back From Butte

John and Courtney Mckee, the incredibly generous owners of Headframe Spirits in Butte, allowed us 5 days of non stop recording for Modality’s next album, a kraut masterpiece of hot dog proportion. (Release dates on our freshly pressed vinyl, Modality’s first ever, will be up very soon.) We got to explore simultaneously the depths of their distilling tanks and the far reaches of the 2nd and 3rd floor, including the magnificent Pioneer’s Club ballroom. Watch their new (incroyable) sign spin hypnotically:

Modality’s biggest release in 2013 will (gawd willin’) be a double vinyl featuring 4 side-long pieces. Ben and I are trying to convince Jay to release under the name Modalität…’cause we’re all German and shit now. As soon as we have some audio sneak previews put together, well put them up on the site. We have many collaborators on this one already, with more in the works. Larry Hirshberg, Simon Detar and Kyle Hollingé have already contributed quite a lot in the way of bass, vocals and guitar. We planning for more collab with the likes of trumpeter Ross Peterson of M.O.F and our go-to sax guy, Mr. Nathan Hoyme. More to come as the production begins for Modalität! Here’s a slew of pictures from the Butte sessions:

Ben Weiss, reluctantly titled synth guru.

Hard to have a good time without our friend Bill.

The ballroom. Glorious!

There’s ‘ol boy.

Dedication from our friend and collaborator Kyle.

Simon “The Indispensable One” and Clark on the roof of Headframe Spirits, out for some smoky air.

The weight of these bits is enormous.

Welcome to House of Watts. We are a small group of enthusiastic musicians hell-bent on helping you get your sound out of your local headspace and into the shared headspace of recording, be it physical & analog or digital & weightless. We tailor our skills and studio to bring out the very best of every session.

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