Abe Coley-Live at the VFW

I remember when Abe submitted this picture for his KBGA DJ profile when the new website first got put together. Thank god it healed since then. Still, I can’t seem to look away, which is the very same thing that happened when Abe played at the final night of the Modality VFW residency. It was captivating, exhilarating, abrasive, melodic and beautiful.

Download Abe Coley Live at the VFW

I have since not been able to stop listening to the 12 songs he played that night. Abe said afterwards it was one of the best shows he’d ever played…good thing we recorded that mofo! For more of his work, visit his bandcamp.

Shramana Double CD Release

You know that guy with the red and white cane you see at all the shows around town? That’s Reggie, and he’s not totally blind; he doesn’t need your help opening the door or crossing the street so don’t even bother. He’s a badass and a metalhead and an absolute pleasure to work with. Reggie and I have been recording and mixing whenever we could over the last 10 months to get these two albums out, and now they are complete. 20 new full-band songs from Shramana. What a haul! As he says on the opening track of their album Dreaming as Punishment, Reggie is looking to get his “digital information into your fucking Ipod…because that’s what people do these days!”

Opening the CD release show is The Angry Youth (Shramana’s exercise in 70s CA punk aesthetic).  They’ll be performing the songs recorded on Shramana’s TOTAL SHITCORE EP, which is also being released. What with My Two Dads and Darshan Pulse rounding out the bill, this is a show you don’t wanna miss.


Certain Molecules – Live at the VFW

Downspout…if only you could hear the soothing dulcitones of Larry Hirshberg’s voice late at night on KBGA say that word. Then you would immediately know what a cool dude he is, both on and off-mic. Larry has been a regular both on KBGA and in the Missoula music scene for some years now. He used to play bass with Tom Catmull and I’ve seen him a half a dozen times out and about doing his singer-songwriter thing. He’s a great player, singer and listener. We even asked him to play bass on the newest Modality record.

Download Certain Molecules Live at the VFW

That’s why we were proud to have him on the third night of the Modality VFW Residency series with his bandmate Brandon Zimmer, who together comprise Certain Molecules. Check out their VFW recording and go to their bandcamp page


The test pressings are in.

Modality’s Particle City will soon be unleashed. As HoW #10, this will be our first vinyl release. Show your support at our Kickstarter page, and get used to seeing Jay’s artwork. We’ll be using his collections of drawings as the artwork for all of Modality’s subsequent releases, as well as the personal musical projects forthcoming from the members of the band.



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